Victoria Edmond


Victoria is our founding director, working hard behind the scenes to manage and implement regulations and the law, service policies, Government compliance, and the National Quality Framework.

Victoria is the Nominated Supervisor, and the person in day to day charge of the service.

Victoria is supported by Marta, our Accounts Manager, in managing all aspects of Rainbow Bridge behind the scenes.

Marta Koncz


Marta is one of our Directors as well as the Accounts Manager of Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care.

She manages family accounts, submits attendance records, issues invoices, processes family payments, administers CCS on your behalf, and ensures educators are paid on time.

Marta is a qualified accountant with years of experience.

She is meticulous and a perfectionist when it comes to account keeping.

Karen Compton


Karen is our newest member of the Rainbow Bridge management team.

Prior to becoming one of our field coordinators, Karen ran her own FDC for over 17 years. Karen is a wealth of knowledge and has an incredible eye for detail.

She is based in the Northern Rivers.