Are you interested in pursuing a rewarding career in Family Day Care?

We are currently recruiting new educators to our team! We are seeking educators in Southern and Northern NSW, the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Mt Isa.

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“When I first met Victoria I had an instant feeling that I had found a scheme director that had the chemistry for what I was looking for. It was the big warmth and the genuine interest that got me,

I immediately fell in love with the Rainbow Bridge program and I knew that Victoria was going to guide and teach me amazing skills being an educator in this scheme.”


- Gail Warid

Access To Ongoing Training

We offer the ‘Essential Elements’ Early Childhood Education training course to our Educators (valued at $999), free of charge.

Be A Part Of A Community

Our community of like-minded educators communicates and gathers regularly - you’re not alone on this journey! We understand the feelings of isolation that can come with being self employed and offer ‘seasonal workshops’ where we fill our bellies and hearts.

Dictate Your Own Hours

Working a minimum of only 30hrs per week with a small group of four children, you can choose the hours and days that suit you.

Set Your Own Fee

We encourage our educators to think carefully about their business and the value of the services they provide. Family Day Care offers great earning potential.

Choose Your Own Program

Offer a rhythm, environment and experiences that speaks to your values. We provide our educators with seasonal planners to simplify programming requirements, and offer ongoing support with how to get the most out of the planners.

Work From Home

Ditch the commute and work from the comfort of your own home! The role of a Family Day Care Educator also allows you the opportunity to stay home with your own young children.

Are you interested in becoming a Rainbow Bridge Educator?

If you are an educator in QLD or NSW who is interested in joining our Big Hearted Family Day Care service, please download our New Educator Handbook to learn more about setting up your own business in Family Day Care here. 

If you’re ready to take the plunge you can email Victoria at [email protected], or submit a new educator enquiry via the link below.

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