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Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care is NOT just a childcare service.

Our aim is to create small pods of big hearted, loving, caring and creative communities within the larger community of where we live, with educators at the centre holding the space, children and families radiating out from that, and the Service and Community wrapping their arms around for extra warmth.


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Not just a childcare service

Our educators offer a home-like environment, where your child can participate in real-life activities each day, with a focus on natural rhythms and and relationships.

Daily Rhythms

All our educators support Daily Rhythms, made up of ‘breathing in’ followed by a period of ‘breathing out’, and a Weekly Rhythm.

Home-like Environment

Children will be involved in home-tasks such as cooking, baking, cleaning, craft, mending and resting.

Seasonal Planning

All of educators work to a seasonal plan, culminating in a seasonal sharing festival with families and friends at the end of each term.

No Screen Time

Media (screen time) is not an option at Rainbow Bridge. Our focus is human relationships, and  the best one-to-one care our educators can give.


Oral storytelling, a circle time of songs and games, and creative fun ways to transition between activity-and-activity form another layer of the daily rhythm.

Interests & Needs

Our educators ensure that seasonal programming is bolstered with activities based upon the needs and interests of the children in their care.

Interested in becoming an educator?

If you want meaningful and fulfilling work in the early childhood sector, with a focus on self development, personal growth, connection & creativity, please get in touch with us today!

Meet The Rainbow Bridge Team

We have a wonderful team of Educators offering Big Hearted care in the Greater Sydney, Northern NSW, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast regions.

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