View our Fees and Collection of Payment Policy here: Rainbow Bridge Fees and Collection of Payment Policy


Fees & Charges

  • Our educator’s fees range from $12.72 to $19.00 per hour. Please check with your educator to confirm their hourly rate.

  • $60 per child non-refundable enrolment fee is charged for all new enrolments, except for children moving to our service with a transferring educator.

  • Fees are charged for all booked session(s), as per details listed on C4-Complying Written Arrangement (CWA) between Parent Educator and RBFDC Service, from the Commencement of Care date.

  • Fees for attendance outside booked sessions are charged in addition to booked sessions.

  • Permanent changes regarding child’s booked session(s), must be updated on C11-Complying Written Arrangement Update. Two weeks notice required to change booking(s). C11 Arrangement Update overrides previous agreement, and effective from date listed on C11

  • $40 Administration fee is charged if Service is unable to collect payment via Direct Debit iPay on the scheduled day of processing. We are very open to creating payment plans. This is our preferred choice, please contact Marta if you require this.

  • $60 Annual re-enrolment fee is charged on the anniversary of child’s enrolment.

  • Fees and Charges are included in the fortnightly invoice, and payable on scheduled payment day.

  • Payments must be collected via Hubworks iPay. (In special circumstances the Accounts Manager might allows a family an alternative payment option for a short term)

  • Fortnightly invoices are emailed to Parent(s)/Guardian(s) directly from Hubworks.


Security Bond Deposit:

  • Two or four weeks security deposit (Bond) is to be collected from families, in line with your educator’s C4 contract.

  • Bond is calculated based on your GAP (out of pocket) expense.

  • Bond is used for paying family’s account upon ceasing care.

  • Our Accounts Manager will contact you shortly after the online process is completed, with details of the Security deposit (Bond) amount you are required to pay and date payment will be processed. (Please check your emails regularly, including your junk mail, to avoid missing this vital information.)

  • Please contact our Accounts manager on [email protected] if you require payment plan.

Please note, Rainbow Bridge FDC is not responsible for any charges relating to an unsuccessful attempt to direct debit fees from a family account (eg Hubdebit fee, RBFDC administration fee of $40). Hubdebit charges will be the sole responsibility of the family in question. 


Invoices & Payments Due:

  • Invoices are issued and emailed to families directly from Hubworks, on every second Thursday. These invoices are payable by the fee-paying parent. Payments are processed via direct debit in Hubworks.

  • Direct debit requests are submitted to the bank on Friday evenings - the day after invoicing.

  • Payments are drawn from your bank/card on Monday or Tuesday, depending on your bank.

  • Public holidays will delay transactions, please accommodate for any such delay.

  • Should a direct debit request be denied, rejected or cannot be processed through iPay Hubdebit as per payment schedule, it is the fee-paying parent’s (authorised nominee’s) responsibility to ensure that outstanding payment is made by Wednesday on the same week.

  • A $40 administration fee will be automatically generated and placed upon your account if a scheduled payment rejects.

  • Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Pty Ltd is not responsible for any fees or charges incurred should your bank account not have enough funds to cover the direct debit amount required for processing.

  • There is a $0.75 transaction fee charged and collected by Hubworks on each payment transaction made through bank account. Transaction fee is higher if using credit card. Hubworks charges approximately $2.75 per rejection and will collect this charge on top of the amount Rainbow Bridge FDC processing. Rainbow Bridge FDC has no control over such charges and collection of those charges.

  • All invoices are payable to Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Service office via direct debit on iPay.

  • iPay payments can be paid by credit card, or bank account. (Unfortunately, due to higher fees, we do not have facilities for American Express)

  • Please contact the office should you have difficulty in paying your account to discuss the set up of a payment plan.

  • Failure to pay the invoice within 7 days may result in the educator having to cease care for the child until the invoice is settled.


Meal Levy:

  • Educators who provide meals (in place of you supplying lunch boxes) will charge a Meal Levy. A meal levy will be charged to Parent/Guardian as part of the fee and henceforth part of the fortnightly invoice. Please check this amount on C4 Complying Written Arrangement or your Educator’s Statement of Fee, before you confirm your enrolment.


Other Possible Levies:

  • Educators may also charge extra for cloth nappies, transport, etc. Please see your educator’s Statement of Fee for details, before you confirm your enrolment.