A list of supporting documents and PDF files you may wish to access for your educator work.

(As at 1st March 2019)


National Law and Regulations

Guide to the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations 2017

Education and Care Services National Regulations (Australia) 


NQS 1 Educational Program and Practice

Developmental Milestones and the EYLF and the NQS

Educators Guide to the Early Years Learning Framework EYLF for Australia

Guide to the National Quality Framework February 2018

Guide to the National Quality Standard 

Hand-drawn symbol examples for identifying children’s belongings

United Nations – Rights of Childhood


NQS 2 Children’s Health and Safety

Anaphylaxis Guidelines for Early Childhood Education and Care Services

Australian Immunisation Handbook

Children and Pets Factsheet

First Aid in the Workplace website 

First Aid in the Workplace PDF overview

Fact Sheet – Supervision near Water & Pools

Food Safety Fact Sheet 

Get up and Grow – Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Early Childhood (Current version 2013)

Guides to Australian Standards –  Children’s products

Kids and Traffic – Road Safety for Educators

Kidsafe Information Sheets – Click your category of choice on the home page to find a list of the Fact Sheet PDF for each category

Managing Emergency Situations in Education and Care Services PDF

Infant Breastfeeding Guidelines

National Factsheet on Pertussis (Whooping Cough) 

Questions and Answers about Vaccination Requirements for Childcare (NSW)

Road Users Handbook – For educators driving on excursions 

12 Rules of Safe Food Handling

Poisoning prevention fact sheet

Preventing Scalds from hot food and drinks fact sheet

Staying Healthy in Childcare – Website  (includes printables for hand-washing and nappy changing)

Staying Healthy in Childcare Book PDF (2013 newest edition)

Exclusion Periods for Illness Poster

Tick Alert Brochure 

Toy safety fact sheet

Workplace Health and Safety Law – NSW

Workplace Health and Safety Law – QLD


NQS 3 Physical Environment

Australian Standards for Glass in Buildings website.

Australian-Standards-for-Glass-in-Buildings Fact Sheet AS1288:2006Fact Sheet – Supervision near Water & Pools

Commonwealth Law Changes to ‘Child Swapping’ in Family Day Care Services

Childcare Services Handbook 2017-2018

Fact Sheet – Pool Safety

Grow Me Safely – Plants to avoid

Kidsafe Family Day Care Guidelines

Outdoor Playground equipment safety fact sheet

Poisonous Plants to Avoid

Safety Gates and Locks fact sheet 

Tree Climbing fact sheet


NQS 4 Staffing Arrangements



NQS 5 Relationships with Children

Early Childhood Code of Ethics


NQS 6 Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities



NQS 7 Leadership and Service Management



Taxation & Business Ownership

Example of expenses For Family Day Care