Enrol with Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care

Call our Families Officer, on 0488369139 to discuss current vacancies and availability in your area. They will provide you with the contact details for potential educators.

Contact your chosen educator and arrange a suitable time for an introductory visit. We advise you to be prompt, as vacancies can fill quickly.


Part One of Enrolment:

The Educator will provide you with two forms (or download them here).

1. C4 Parent Educator Service Childcare Contract Agreement RBFDC

2. C5 Permission Authority Form ALL RBFDC

Please complete, sign, and return ORIGINALS of both forms to your educator, ensuring the actual start and finish times of your intended childcare usage is filled in, and in alignment with your Educator’s minimum daily hours. Commencement of Care Date is now a legal requirement to be completed.

Before you sign, please read your educator’s Statement of Fees.


When you return these forms to your educator, you must also provide:

  • An up-to-date Immunisation History Statement (downloaded from MyGov via Medicare portal)  For more information about immunisation requirements for enrolment in childcare, please click here for Qld or for NSW
  • A copy of your child’s Birth Certificate
  • Any Medical Emergency Action Plans required for your child eg for anaphylaxis, asthma


**To expedite the process, email all documents to enrolments@rainbowbridgefamilydaycare.com and then return the originals to the educator on your first day**


Part Two of Enrolment:

Submit your enrolment form online. (Click the pink link for your state below)

  • Please ensure you provide details in the Parent 1 section for the parent who is linked to the child in Centrelink’s database. It is not possible to swap Parent 1 with Parent 2 once Enrolment is submitted, and a new Enrolment would need to be created.
  • Please complete ALL categories and sections to avoid a delay. Be sure to add at least one emergency contact, details of Parent 2, and details of your local doctor/medical centre. (These things are commonly missed.)
  • Please tick the two boxes for medical authorisations (consent to a doctor being called, consent to an ambulance being called). We cannot enrol children in care without these two authorisations.
  • Please authorise “pay by direct debit” and add your bank details (BSB and account number).  Please note, there is a 75 cent charge per direct debit each time we process if using a bank account.
  • If you wish to pay by credit card, please contact Marta on 0411055151 to give details over the phone. Please note, the processing fee for credit cards is higher than direct debit, dependent on who you bank with.
  • Please note, there is a $60 per child yearly enrolment fee to cover administration costs & maintaining your enrolment in the Hubworks CCMS portal.

Please choose the enrolment form for the correct STATE your Educator lives in.

This is crucial.

Choose the correct pink link below.


Online enrolment page for QLD


Online enrolment form for NSW 



Finalising the Enrolment:

  • Once we receive the enrolment form in Hubworks, we check it to ensure all required information is correctly provided. Our enrolment team member will be in touch if additional details required or any details need confirmation.
  • We use the data from the enrolment form, together with the C4 Parent Educator Service contract, to process your enrolment.
  • If you are linked with Centrelink, you will need to Confirm your child’s Enrolment Notice through your MyGov account. Our enrolment team member will contact you and advise you when your Enrolment is ready to be confirmed, or if any further action required.
  • To remain compliant with Regulations and Laws, your child can only commence with the educator once we have ALL your required paperwork in the office, and we have emailed the educator your enrolment form and paper-based CWA (complying written arrangement) to be signed. The CWA is a legal agreement between you as the Parent, and Rainbow Bridge FDC as the Service provider.
  • Should there be any issue with submitting your enrolment for Childcare Subsidy, we will ask for a copy of your Letter of Approval for Childcare Subsidy (CCS). You shall find this letter in your MyGov inbox. If your claim hasn’t been fully accessed, you will not have this letter yet.

More information on CCS Assessment available here.


Fees & Charges

  • $60 per child non-refundable enrolment fee is charged for all new enrolments, except for children moving to our Service with a transferring educator.
  • Fees are charged for all booked session(s), as per details listed on C4-Complying Written Arrangement (CWA) between Parent Educator and RBFDC Service, from the Commencement of Care date.
  • Fees for attendance outside booked sessions are charged in addition to booked sessions.
  • Permanent changes regarding child’s booked session(s), must be updated on C11-Complying Written Arrangement Update. Two weeks notice required to change booking(s). C11 Arrangement Update overrides previous agreement, and effective from date listed on C11
  • $40 Administration fee is charged if Service is unable to collect payment via Direct Debit iPay on the scheduled day of processing.
  • $60 Annual re-enrolment fee is charged on the anniversary of child’s enrolment.
  • Fees and Charges are included in the fortnightly invoice, and payable on scheduled payment day.
  • Payments must be collected via Hubworks iPay. (In special circumstances the Accounts Manager might allows a family an alternative payment option for a short term)
  • Fortnightly invoices are emailed to Parent(s)/Guardian(s) directly from Hubworks.


Security Bond Deposit:

  • Four weeks’ security deposit (Bond) is to be collected from families, unless your Educator has an overriding Bond policy of her own.
  • Bond is calculated based on your GAP (out of pocket) expense.
  • Bond is used for paying family’s account upon ceasing care.
  • Our Accounts Manager will contact you shortly after the online process is completed, with details of the Security deposit (Bond) amount you are required to pay and date payment will be processed. (Please check your emails regularly -Spam folder too!-, to avoid missing this vital information.)
  • Please contact our Accounts manager on accounts@rainbowbridgefamilydaycare.com if you require payment plan.

Please note, Rainbow Bridge FDC is not responsible for any charges relating to an unsuccessful attempt to direct debit fees from a family account (eg Hubdebit fee, RBFDC administration fee of $40) .  Hubdebit charges will be the sole responsibility of the family in question. 

Invoices & Payments Due:

  • Invoices are issued and emailed to families directly from Hubworks, on every second Thursday. These invoices are payable by the fee-paying parent. Payments are processed via direct debit in Hubworks.
  • Direct debit requests are submitted to the bank on Friday evening -the day after invoicing.
  • Payments are drawn from your bank/card on Monday or Tuesday, depending on your bank.
  • Public holiday will delay transaction, please accommodate for such delay.
  • Should a direct debit request be denied, rejected or cannot be processed through iPay Hubdebit as per payment schedule, it is the fee-paying parent’s (authorised nominee’s) responsibility to ensure that outstanding payment is made by Wednesday on the same week.
  • A $40 administration fee will be automatically generated and placed upon your account if a scheduled payment rejects.
  • Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Pty Ltd is not responsible for any fees or charges incurred should your bank account not have enough funds to cover the direct debit amount required for processing.
  • There is a $0.75 transaction fee charged and collected by Hubworks on each payment transaction made through bank account. Transaction fee is higher if using credit card. Hubworks charges approximately $2.75 per rejection and will collect this charge on top of the amount Rainbow Bridge FDC processing. Rainbow Bridge FDC has no control over such charges and collection of those charges.
  • All invoices are payable to Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Service office via direct debit on iPay.
  • iPay payments can be paid by credit card, or bank account.  (Unfortunately, due to higher fees, we do not have facilities for American Express)
  • Please contact the office should you have difficulty in paying your account to discuss the set up of a payment plan.
  • Failure to pay the invoice within 7 days may result in the educator having to cease care for the child until the invoice is settled.


Meal Levy:

  • Educators who provide meals (in place of you supplying lunchboxes) will charge a Meal Levy. A meal levy will be charged to Parent/Guardian as part of the fee and henceforth part of the fortnightly invoice. Please check this amount on C4 Complying Written Arrangement or your Educator’s Statement of Fee, before you confirm your enrolment.


Other Possible Levies:

  • Educators may also charge extra for cloth nappies, transport, etc.  Please see your educator’s Statement of Fee for details, before you confirm your enrolment.


Policies & Procedures

Please find the Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Policies and Procedures here.

Parent Handbook here


Governmental Frameworks for Childcare in Australia

Please find the National Quality Standards here.

Please find the National Quality Framework here.

Please find the EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework) here.

Please find the Education and Care Services National Regulations here.

Please find the Education and Care Services National Law here.

Daily Rhythms in Family Day Care

Your child’s day.

Our Educators support Daily Rhythms, made up of ‘breathing in’ (focused activities such as bread making, or cooking, or painting) followed by a period of ‘breathing out’ (imaginative play, outdoor play etc), and a Weekly Rhythm. A copy of your educator’s daily and weekly rhythms will be on display at the entrance to their home.

Mealtimes form part of this rhythmical picture of the day. Mealtimes are valued as a sacred and necessary time of community and replenishment, and educators eat WITH the children as a role model for imitation.

12 Week Seasonal Plans

Educators are encouraged to create a curriculum guided by a 12-week (approximate) seasonal plan. Dividing the year into four equal parts to mirror what is occurring in the natural world around them is our attempt to work with, and give thanks to, the natural world.

Educators and children work and play throughout the season, and acknowledge the subtle changes of the year with a seasonal sharing festival with families and friends.

Seasonal activities, songs, crafts, games etc may feature heavily in the program. However all curriculums and program plans are always open to spontaneity, ensuring educators can be ‘reflective’ and ‘responsive’ to what is happening each day, in each moment.

Evaluating, observing, and reflecting upon our planning, the daily teacher-initiated and spontaneous activities, and the unfolding consistent rhythms of the day, are crucial steps in the programming practice, and a necessary component of the National Quality Standards. (NQS) and Early Years Learning Framework, (EYLF) that we practice.


Oral storytelling, a circle time of songs and games, and creative fun ways to transition between activity-to-activity form another layer of the daily rhythm. Children rely upon these regular ‘touchstones’ and are gently guided to the next ‘thing’ as they learn to follow the cues, songs and gestures.  Our educators goal is to create magical interludes so that children experience the entire day as play.

Home-like environments

Our educators are encouraged to provide real, wholesome, thoughtful experiences and activities that are not just time fillers. Our RB guideline for how they plan and choose their activities is that they must be ‘truthful, beautiful and good.’ We also encourage eco-friendly and sustainable activities where possible.

A resting time occurs once a day (educators are mindful that babies have their own schedules and follow their rhythms as necessary too)

Resting – but not necessarily sleeping – is an integral part of each day

No Screen Time at RBFDC

Our focus is on human relationships between educator and child. Our Educators are refrain to use electronic media, with the exception of appropriate educational short YouTube clip for the purpose of introducing new concepts.

Plain and simple

We also strive to be mindful about “commercial images” including licensed characters such as Dora the Explorer, Cars, Peppa Pig, Superheroes etc.

We ask all families for their cooperation in sending children in plain colourful clothing during both the warmer and colder months of the year.

Many families make a conscious effort to minimise their children’s exposure to these kinds of visual stimulants and we here at Rainbow Bridge, support the parents choices, as we too may also experience the oft-negative play experiences and imitative responses in our days when children ‘play out’ this kinds of influences.  eg aggressive gun play, violent discussions and limited ability to construct healthy happy play scenarios.

We also kindly ask that parents refrain from sending these commercial-style images on children’s equipment such as hats, bags, shoes, lunchboxes, food wrappers, toys and the like. We are happy to direct you to suppliers who are able to offer great alternatives. You save money when you purchase plain non-licenced goods also. (Hot tip: A stainless steel camping tin as a child’s lunch box may just be the best purchase you’ll ever make!)

Responding to children’s interests and needs

Please note that each educator is in charge of their own seasonal programming. Their curriculum and program is a framework of teacher-initiated and spontaneous child-led activities and ideas, based upon the needs and interests of the children that make up their daily groups.

The curriculum is bolstered with activities, ideas, and happenings from the child’s own unique viewpoint and goals too.

What to Bring

There are certain things your child will need to participate in their day at family day care.  Here is a list of suggestions that might help you. Please see your educator if you have any further queries.

  • Sun-safe clothing and broad brimmed hat
  • Change of clothing (full set please!)
  • Healthy morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea – unless your Educator provides meal(s). Please discuss details with your Educator.
  • Cot sheet set, a small warm blanket, and a small pillow or one cuddly friend if they require it.
  • Shoes
  • Any necessary medication eg asthma puffers or epipens.  Medications must be handed to the educator on arrival each day, and permission forms signed before the educator can administer any medication.