Educator at Little Leaf Family Day Care Bogangar, NSW

Educator with Little Leaf Family Day Care
Bogangar NSW


Little Leaf is the creation of Miss Jess.

A creative soul at heart, with a flair for design of all kinds, whether it be with textiles, or in the garden.  Jess has an eye for beauty.  You just have to look at her Instagram page to see the world through her eyes!

About Jess

Jess has completed a diploma of Design ( Fashion) in 2010.  Then followed this with a Diploma in Costume Construction in 2012.  After finding out she was going to have a baby, her course in life changed, and Jess embarked on her studies in the Early Childhood sector, completing her Diploma in 2018.  Jess and her partner Josh welcomed wee Jasper in 2019.  They are a great team who love family time, including their friends, and enjoying dinners together.  Jess loves to spend time out on the water kayaking, and pottering around in nature.  She loves to be in her cute garden, making the most of the outdoors.

Children’s Play Room

Jess has designed her indoor play space with a less is more approach, and we love it!  There is nothing overwhelming about the space Jess has created, in fact, it has the most calming feel about it.  The children have a selection of toys to play with, as Jess is a dab hand at collecting and recycling treasures that she finds along the way.  There is a focus on loose parts play and sustainability is always in the fore-front of Jess’s mind.

Outdoor Environment

Although this space is cosy, it certainly is aesthetically pleasing.  Jess has made such a fantastic use of the space, by incorporating vertical gardens, a cubby house that has a garden on top, little fairy gardens, a sandpit and much more.  The children are not contained to the garden only, and why should they be?  Jess lives in the sleepy little seaside town of Bogangar, so we right away set about planning excursions to the beachside.  Jess has a variety of ways to walk to the beach, and enjoys picnicking with the children at the local parks.  The children can run and play to their hearts content, then return to the garden for lovely relaxing afternoon plays!


Jess certainly has an aptitude for making things look beautiful, and delights in creating exceptional documentation about the day.  These are always so beautifully presented, full of detail about the day and learning that the children have achieved.  Jess plans for each child in care on an individual basis, taking into consideration their strengths, and areas for stretch.  With her ability to design and create, the children enjoy many activities that stimulate their minds and bodies. Jess is passionate about learning, and is frequently reading and finding ways to expand her knowledge, a gift she certainly shares with the children in her care!

Details for Little Leaf Family Day Care

  • Opening hours. Monday to Thursday, 7.30am to 4pm
  • Enrolling children from Babies to School Age
  • Fees $12.50 per child per hour
  • CCS approved
  • A maximum of four children under school age each day