Happy Hearts Family Day Care Murwillumbah

Say Hi to Ingrid.

I’m a Chilean/Swedish mother of 4 beautiful girls ages 8-13 years. We moved to Australia in 2009. Soon, I will have spent 2 years running my family day care.

My house is vibrant and always buzzing with lively happy children who never want to leave to go home! I’m interested to get a diploma in the future as well as develop a very comprehensive and resourceful curriculum that integrates nature based philosophies such as Steiner, Montessori and Scandinavian models for early childhood.

Children’s Play Room

Our set up has about 70% natural toys, losses parts, dramatic corners. It’s divided in 3 sections: Indoor, Garage and Backyard.

Indoor we have toys such as blocks, cars, dress ups, home corner, animals, lots of puzzles, brain and board games.

Indoor Play Opportunities

Children often build cubbyhouses, animal/people kingdoms, block building, dollhouse play, trainset and loose parts.

Outdoor Environment 

In our backyard we have a mud kitchen with running water, dinosaur world, water play,sand/construction area, garden beds and play equipment for climbing.

In the undercover carport, we have bikes, scooter, Lego play, nursery and we do lots of running games and sports.

Daily and Weekly Rhythms

Our curriculum is continuously changing and adapting in order to take into account children’s abilities, ages and interests.

At the moment we have a weekly rhythm every day namely Drama ( music, song, dance, drama, movement), Cooking (cleanliness, baking, pastry, finger food), Crafts/Art (design, sewing, weaving, sculpture, jewellery), Sustainability (gardening, 3 Rs, homemade products), STEM ( science, maths, engineering, technology).


We read stories every day and created stories around our nature table and season.

We use props and nature in the stories.

At mealtime I tell lots of made up stories upon children’s s requests and on themes that might sometimes need attention such as sharing,creativity, kindnesse etc.


Children have their own placemats made by them, we try to make it look pretty with flowers.

Its a moment for sharing and we share songs, stories, experiences, blessings, Spanish songs, . we avoid using plastic and talk about issues such as cleanliness, allergies, respecting food as a gift from mother earth.

Whole Food and Nutrition/ Cooking Program

At Happy Hearts, I provide vegetarian and vegan food and can accommodate to suit allergies. We are committed to using wholefoods and organic foods where possible.

We make most of our food from scratch avoiding chemicals, white flour, deep-fried and sugars. In our household, we follow Ayurveda.

Crafty Kids 

We create craft according to the seasons, themes interests and ages of children. We use mostly natural materials.

We strongly encourage children to express themselves through their art. “What are you making? What are you trying to show us with this peace of art?”

Exploring our Community

We do regular visits to the field near our house, interact with neighbours, postman, rubbish truck driver, we invite community workers, parents bring in things for the family day care whether it be food, toys or ideas.

Family Festivals

Get parents together with children and siblings, extended family,. We share food, do games and activities related to the season.

Documentation – Daily Photographic Journals, the Curriculum Planner, and Photo Books

We jeep a daily photographic journal for parents to be informed of the activities we do of the day or developments of the children. We also have a fb page where we put up more photos and explain more details of the activities , games, weekly rhythms the children engage with. Now also a Instagram page for more inspirational photos.

We also use weekly planner where we take into consideration the children’s ages and interest,ideas and request to plan the week ahead. We also use observation forms every week to observe each child’s development, talents, skills to help child develop further and feel supported in their interest and needs.

We also work closely with parents always conversing about each child every day.

Our goals and practices

100% vegetarian ( no meats, eggs,gelatin,nuts,animal rennets).

We are working on becoming plastic free and sustainable.

Details for Happy Hearts Family Day Care with Ingrid in Murwillumbah

  • Opening hours and days:  8.30-3.30
  • Enrolling children from: Nine months to 5 years during the day.
  • After school care from 3.30-7.30 for kindergarten children and over.
  • Fees per child per hour: Please ask Educator for Statement of Fees
  • Minimum hours:  7 hours
  • CCS Childcare Subsidy approved
  • A maximum of four children under school age each day
  • Before and After School Care, and Vacation Care available
  • Please call: 0450 503 570
  • Check out our facebook page for more information and a sneak peek: https://www.facebook.com/happyheartsfamily/