Educator at The Secret Garden Family Day Care

About Georgia

Hello my name is Georgia, I have been working in local Community Preschool for the last 10 years and have started family day care at the beginning of this year as well as remaining at Durrumbul Community Preschool.

I hold a Diploma of Children Services and a Certificate in Early Childhood Steiner Education.

I have three children of my own whom are now teenagers.

Big Hearted Care

Big hearted care for me means being a conscious Educator, understanding the importance of a safe warm supporting Educational environment for the young child as a whole being.

Imitation is key at this dreamy stage for the young child, they are watching and taking in all that Educators do, caring for our environment, our house, eating nourishing food, keeping our home clean and neat, caring for our toys and our garden.

Allowing time and space to support the imagination and play, which is considered a child’s work is so very important.

I have a love of the outdoors and the concept of Bush kindergartens.

I am always self reflective and wanting to better myself as an Educator.

Indoor Play

The toys provided at ‘The Secret Garden’ are made with natural materials such as wood, felt and are handmade to give an organic and true experience for children.

Home corner with kitchen sink and oven, dolls to cuddle, trucks to transport blocks and gnomes just waiting to go on an adventure and have cups of teas in the doll house.

The Secret Garden

Outside a path meanders over the bridge and through the green garden to meet Pater and Benjamin Rabbit. Lots of cakes to be made in the mud kitchen nestled in the garden and tools to help care for our garden too. When the ginger flowers are ready they are sweet to taste.

Daily Rhythm

Our daily rhythm consists of gathering for morning circle, bread making, gardening, storytelling and nature walks and sharing food.


We all sit together for mealtimes, after a blessing on our meals we enjoy our morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and our favourite crunchy buns. When cooking we use local and organic food as much as possible.


When crafting we use natural materials such as felt, wood, watercolour paints and items found in our natural environment, our craft has meaning and purpose with intention of art appreciation, developing fine motor skills and ensuring time given to explore.


A sense of community is such an important part of a child’s world and this is supported by our daily walks, the children develop a sense of connection to their community when they are part of their community physically.

When we put on our hats and pack our nature walk bag and travel together through the gate each day is different and exciting, when we return we have stories to share and maybe some treasures we have found along the way to place on our table to remember our adventures.

Birthday Celebrations

We celebrate Birthdays by inviting family members to share a cake that the children have helped make in the the morning.

We come come together to share in Winter and Summer festivals.


Parents can see our day with photos on the daily journal page and curriculum planner filled with documentation, planning and more photos

Details for The Secret Garden Family Day Care with Georgia in Mullumbimby

  • Opening hours. I am open on Fridays from 8:30 to 4:00pm.
  • Enrolling children from 18 months and up.
  • Fees: Please ask Educator for Statement of Fees
  • Minimum of 7.5 hours a day.
  • CCS subsidy approved.
  • A maximum of four children under school age each day
  • Please phone: 0432185710.