Pixie Hollow Family Day Care

Say Hi to Gail

Welcome to Pixie Hollow Family Daycare. Gail is an early childhood educator Providing “big hearted” childcare to children up to 6yrs of age

Gail is a trained teacher holding a bachelor degree in Primary School education, has a certificate 3 in Early childhood Education, and is a mother of 2 teenage and 2 young adult children.

Gail has worked in various local community and childcare programmes for over 20yrs

Children’s Play Room

The children’s play room includes:

  • Hand selected play materials including carved wooden toys, hand felted and locally made croqueted toys
  • Pre- loved dolls and home corner items from various countries and cultures
  • Popular and beautiful children’s books
  • Baskets of natural, open ended objects including shells, pine cones, feathers, crystals on our nature shelving.
  • Baskets of beautiful coloured silk squares and materials including scarves and hankie chiefs

Indoor Play Opportunities

There is plenty of space for children to explore including:

  • Large floor space with colourful mats where children can engage in play and express their imagination
  • Reading corner with shelves, lounges and beautiful cushions
  • Kitchen and home corner
  • Dress-up and dolls house area
  • Wooden Block and nature table area

Outdoor Environment

Our garden has a:

  • Lovely large sandpit
  • Climbing gym and slide
  • Vegetable garden plant boxes
  • Beautiful natural surround including native Australian and rainforest trees
  • Wildlife including many Australian birds i.e. Kookaburras and lorikeets and some Australian marsupials ie. Wallabies and koalas

Friendly pet doggies

The children are also introduced to two very loving, family friendly dogs. ‘Shiloh’ and’ Cindy’ whom are a very loved part of the program.

Both these dogs bring so much affection, warmth and nurturing into the Pixie Hollow program.

These two smaller breed dogs are well trained and clean family pets.

The dogs do have a separate living area away from the daycare space.

They generally come up for two short visits during the day

Daily and weekly Rhythms

Our daily and weekly rhythms are influenced by our natural surrounds and the season.

  • Rich in Love and care for our environment
  • Full of Respect for our families, community including our neighbours and friends.
  • Gentle, nurturing and child led focus


  • A variety of well-loved childhood stories including traditional folktales and fables
  • Retelling of stories using simple everyday props and natural items
  • Appreciation of child imagination, character, adventure, surprise and suspicion

Music and movement

  • Lovely selection of percussion instruments including shakers, drums and other instruments from various countries and culture
  • Educator has basic Guitar chords knowledge and plays guitar at music circle
  • Children sing familiar songs and nursery rhymes daily


  • Children are encouraged to sit together around the meal table
  • The table is prepared with place mats and table ornament i.e. Flowers or candle, the children love to help with this.
  • Children are encouraged to have a meal blessing together before eating
  • Educator sits with the children and joins in the lovely sharing and happy time of mealtime

Whole Food and Nutrition/ Cooking Program

Children have the opportunity to cook with the vegetables grown in our garden i.e. Garden to plate

  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Zucchinis
  • Pumpkins
  • Parsley
  • Coriander/ thyme

Some of the recipes we put these ingredients into include:

  • Muffins/ slices
  • Soups

We also pick bush lemons, bananas and other fruits in season including mulberries, guavas and limes growing on the property.

Exploring our Community

Bush walking is a daily part of our program.

Children love to take a little basket to collect leaves, seed pods, feathers and other treasures on our walks.

Also, depending on the various seasons we pick bush lemons, limes, bananas and mulberries!

We are so blessed to have the company of very tame sheep, chickens and ducks in the paddocks close to Pixie Hollow.

The children enjoy feeding the sheep and chickens scraps from our food scraps bin.

We talk about caring for these loving creatures as they give us things to use like wool to make jumpers and eggs to cook with.

Family Festivals

  • A celebration of the season
  • Seasonal, wholesome and homemade food
  • fun activities including story-time, songs and games related to the season

The festivals are a great opportunity for families to gather together connecting each other in an enjoyable atmosphere of fun, fellowship and food.

Community building and connection

  • A warm, nurturing and stimulating home environment within a sub-rural community
  • Quality assurance through the monitoring of care by the qualified childcare professionals of Rainbow Bridge Family Daycare
  • Ongoing training and continuous development of myself as educator providing a valuable community service
  • Welcomed visits from grandparents, family and community members for organised and programmed activities throughout the term
  • Celebration of children’s birthdays and other special holiday occasions e.g. Easter and Christmas

Daily Photographic Journal

This book is presented to the families on the sign-in desk.

Families may open this book and browse through it at any time. Take a look at a lovely colourful page of each day’s activities and events, including photos and descriptions of the children’s play and activities.

Details for Pixie Hollow Family Day Care in Modanville

  • Opening hours. Monday to Friday,  8.30am to 5.30pm.
  • Enrolling children 0 – 5 years
  • Fees per child per hour: Please ask Educator for Statement of Fees
  • Minimum hours – 7 hours per day
  • Childcare Subsidy CCS approved
  • A maximum of four children under school age each day
  • Before & After School Care, and Vacation Care available also.
  • Please call 0428296701

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