Nathan House Family Day Care Varsity Lakes

Nathan House Family Day Care Varsity Lakes

Say hi to Anna.

Anna’s QLD Family Day Care service in Varsity Lakes is called Nathan House.

Anna is an experienced Early Childhood Teacher with 25+ years as a Steiner Early Childhood Teacher.

Anna recognises the spiritual nature of the developing human being and is careful to protect the wonder of childhood providing sense impressions that are nurturing and age appropriate. Care is taken to show children how to live and work together with a spirit of co-operation for healthy social life.

Reciprocal communication with parents is important to Anna because this partnership between families and the educator provides a solid foundation for the developing child.

Care is taken with everything that occurs around the child in the Nathan House environment.

This is because all that the child perceives with the senses, including the social and moral atmosphere surrounding the child and the deeds, feelings and thoughts of adults, are impressions that the child empathises with to the extent that for good or ill they form and structure to a significant extend who the child will become.

Anna believes that “home” (or “family”) daycare with a smaller family group of children is the most natural way of supporting the development of the young child. Both the number of days a child attends and the thought given to the ages of children comprising each day are factors Anna considers for her family daycare.

Anna strives to provide organic foods, natural play resources, and to model a sustainable way of living.


Children need to experience that their childhood is unhurried. With this in mind Anna makes lots of time for free play. As infants grow and develop towards their seventh year they move through different play stages.

Children explore their environment in play, and through serious participation in the activity of play concentration is strengthened. Initiative is needed, creativity is expressed, practicality is tested. Independence and confidence are called forth.The child is tuned and fulfilled in play, and knows the satisfaction of a ‘good day’s activity.’

The connection to life and living is found by the child within the play situation. There is purpose and direction in play. Play prepares the child for the future. Active imaginative play is supported by the selection and quality of natural and simple play materials.

At Nathan House free play is balanced with meaningful real life experiences. Anna likes to say, “ Whatever we craft, cook, grow or repair we do because these tasks our day care family needs to do to get through the day.”


Anna’s play space is a warm, inviting, organised, homely and aesthetically pleasing place to be for young children.

Daily and weekly activities and events are brought into a breathing rhythm which give the children a sense of belonging and security as well as a sense of time and space. During the morning the group of children and kindergartener gather together for Morning Song.

This is a time of joyful singing, and movement games to poems and simple stories. On days when more than one of the children at Anna’s are younger than 2yrs 6 mths then the program is more about soul care and daily routines for bodily care and nourishment.

Meal Times

Anna prepares the children’s meals with care and respect and where possible food grown is organically. This supports healthy eating habits, digestion and organ development. Social meals are served and eaten in a spirit of love and gratitude.

Outdoor Garden

Anna loves to develop a garden and take care of nature with the children. At Anna’s children love to dig, plant, care for baby shoots and small creatures. The children help with harvesting and composting, bird feeding and growing worms.Anna loves to live with the seasons.

It is a joy to be outside in any weather children can visit the swings and experience bike riding in the cul de sac. There is water play and a great sandpit.

Details about Nathan House

  • Opening hours. Monday to Friday, 7.30 am to 5.30pm
  • Welcoming children from toddler to school age
  • Fees per child per hour: Please ask Educator for Statement of Fees
  • Minimum hours: 7
  • Childcare Subsidy CCS approved
  • A maximum of four children under school age each day
  • Vacation care available