Mudpies & Dragonflies Family Day Care

Say Hello to Amber

Amber operates Mudpies and Dragonflies Family Day Care from her home in Camp Hill, just outside the Brisbane CBD.

A mama of two gorgeous children and one fur baby, Amber operates from the downstairs of her home with a huge dedicated indoor play space that opens to the backyard for the children to access as they chose.

Amber opened her Family Day Care service in February 2008 after working as a nanny for two years. She is passionate about ensuring that children’s rights to play is upheld and an advocate for gentle, attachment parenting. Amber embraces the children and the families in her care wholeheartedly and makes space for every child to grow and flourish.

Amber is currently studying an early childhood degree through University of Southern Queensland to expand her skillset and knowledge of childhood development.

In her free time she runs a local Joey Scout program, enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and finding quiet moments to curl up with a good book.

Children’s Play Room

Amber’s dedicated play space is full to the brim of fabulous puzzles, train tracks, cars, blocks, home corner props, Duplo, musical instruments, dolls and more.

The book collection at Mudpies and Dragonflies grows every week with new titles being added to the library from local bookstores, markets and op-shop. Stories and reading are embedded within our daily rhythms.

Play Opportunities

The children play, laugh, sing, dance, listen to stories, enjoy fun games and transitions, and enjoy a daily quiet period where children can rest and rejuvenate.

The children at Mudpies and Dragonflies engage in free, open-ended play time throughout the day that is interspersed with intentional group activities.

The children at Amber’s house enjoy a variety of cooking, crafting and gardening projects every week.

Daily and Weekly Rhythms
Having a daily rhythms ensure the children have a predictable pattern to their day which keeps the atmosphere at Mudpies and Dragonflies calm and serene.

Along with time for the children to explore their own interests, engage in group projects and experience outings the children there is ample time for rest and relaxation.

Yoga and meditation form a daily part of our programming with the children all enjoying these moments and looking forward to them every day.

Our weekly rhythm changes with the seasons and ensures all children benefit from the programmed activities. We have a strong focus on cooking, crafts, music and movement, nature explorations and gardening each week.

We incorporate seasonal changes into our daily activities drawing the children’s focus to seasonal changes throughout the year.

Mealtimes, Cooking and Nutrition

Mealtimes are a time to come together and connect through conversations and shared nourishment. Children are often involved in the cooking and preparation of meals, including setting the table.

All meals and snacks are provided for the children at Mudpies and Dragonflies with a strong emphasis on wholefoods and sugar-free foods. Children are encouraged to help in the kitchen with cooking experiences featuring heavily in the programme.

Crafty Kids 

Children are invited to engage with a wide variety of art and craft materials at Mudpies and Dragonflies.

Most art and craft experiences offered are ‘process-focused’ whereby the children are given the opportunity to express themselves through their work with no predetermined outcome to their creative pursuits rather they are invited to use their imaginations and explore the materials and their uses in their own unique ways.

Each week Amber also invites the children to participate in a focused art or craft activity.

While process-art is about expressing yourself these planned activities allow the children to learn about techniques and further their understandings of how art and craft materials may be used.

Watercolour painting, felting, weaving and more are explored by the children in these programmed sessions.

Exploring our Community
Amber and her friends love to visit Kelly and Tania, and the children in these family day care services.

Sharing a morning of play together is helping children to build friendships, develop tolerance, work together, and build community.

During school holidays Amber and her friends try to incorporate visits to museums, wildlife sanctuaries and other school holiday children’s programmes. They also love exploring new parks and playgrounds.

Brisbane has so many wonderful secrets spot and they try to find them!

Family Festivals

Seasonal festivals allow all the families at Mudpies and Dragonflies to join together and get to know each other and the children.

The festivals are run as a joint activity together with Kelly from Fig Tree and Bumblebees FDC and Tania from In Bloom FDC.

Documentation – Daily Photographic Journals, the Curriculum Planner, and Photo Books

Menu and weekly plans, as well as photos and stories of the children’s day and learning, are available to all families through a secret Facebook group. Only those with currently enrolled children are able to access this group.

Photos and stories of your child’s time at Mudpies and Dragonflies are compiled and they will have a photo book to take home to remind them of all the fun they had with Amber and their friends when it is time to move on.

Details for Mudpies & Dragonflies Family Day Care with Amber in Camp Hill, Brisbane

  • Opening hours and days: Monday to Friday 6am-5pm
  • Enrolling children from: 12months to school age
  • Fees per child per hour: Please ask Educator for Statement of Fees
  • MInimum hours: 9 hours
  • CCS Childcare Subsidy approved
  • A maximum of four children under school age per day
  • Before and After School Care, and Vacation Care available
  • Please call: 0439542151
  • Check out our facebook page for more information and a sneak peek: