Educators at Growing Tree Family Day Care

Say Hi to Allyson & Lynne

Educators Allyson & Lynne are a Daughter and Mother duo at the ‘Growing Tree Family Day Care’, operating from Allyson’s home in Mooball, Northern NSW (In between the Tweed and Byron Shire).

Allyson holds her Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and has been blessed to have gained the opportunity to work and experience in past Family Day Care business with Lynne. As well as different education services within the Tweed and Byron Shire.

Lynne is currently completing her Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.

With their ultimate passion being the individual child’s early developmental stages and milestones. They have created a unique and nurturing educational environment within Allyson’s home to teach and assist in the crucial early stages of development in your child.

The term ‘big hearted care’ holds a lot of value and meaning to us as educators. These being;

  • That the child/ children are a whole people who have feelings, ideas and relationships with others, and who need to and have a right to be physically, mentally and morally healthy.
  • That the child is an active and valued member of The Growing Tree and greater community. Their parent’s and the child’s community play an important role in their development and learning. It’s the connection and communication between these key elements that lead to the richest and most valuable learning.
  • The authenticity of “real life” learning invitations and provocations through grounded rhythm that flows smoothly. Which can be connected and transferred into their everyday experiences and relationships.

Indoor/Children’s Play Room

The children’s indoor area is a homely, inviting and comfortable environment whilst also being vibrant and always delivering an invitation to play. The selection of toys and resources are all natural and have been chosen to promote independent and open-ended play, allowing your child’s own imagination and creativity to develop. Choices available are;

  • Loose parts play
  • Aesthetically pleasing home corner
  • Arts and craft area.
  • Quiet Book Corner
  • Dolls, Cars, Building, Puzzles & other developmental programmed activities.

Outdoor Environment 

The Growing Tree FDC outdoor environment is designed to support your child’s learning and innate desire to explore, imagine, be curious and play.

  • Children will have the chance to interact with natural elements like water and mud in our mud kitchen area.
  • Express themselves freely in our outdoor undercover art patio.
  • Use their imagination to invent games or build with the natural materials our garden provides.
  • In this space they will gain the opportunity to garden, grow food and experience all parts of “Paddock to Plate”. They can observe butterflies, caterpillars and other creatures of the natural world.

Most importantly they will have a large grassed safe environment where they will feel sense of adventure, and find a space to be themselves.

Daily and Weekly Rhythms
The Growing Tree FDC curriculum is run through the daily, weekly, seasonal and celebratory rhythms.

Weekly rhythms include, painting & artistic experiences, cooking & baking experiences, gardening and taking care of our space.

We encourage the children to explore and investigate the world just outside our door. We then use their discoveries such as nature, seasons or specific special moments to further their appreciation, understanding of and the contribution they make to their world.


With the use of books, song, handmade props and other materials the ladies here at The Growing Tree FDC create and tell stories of all kinds with the children. These can be inspired through spontaneous events, child interests or developmental stages of the children. It will also relate to and reflecting our current seasonal curriculum.


Sitting with the children at mealtimes brings a sense of connectedness as a group and provides chance as their educator to model certain behaviours for imitation.

For example, encouraging the children to stay seated whilst eating, to use their manners and encouraging them to eat food provided by their families, while explaining the benefits and qualities.

Whole Food and Nutrition/ Cooking Program
Although daily meals for the day are to be provided by families. The children will be involved within a cooking program using nutritional, organic whole foods and ingredients from our own garden or the market to create different kinds of yummy goodies.

Having the children be involved in such programs enables them to develop skills such as gaining an understanding of their health, wellbeing and their world, as well as develop their cognitive skills and feel a sense of achievement.

Crafty Kids
Both Allyson & Lynne love and encourage to see children take their own direction with their creativity.

They also provide an art and crafts program with meaningful projects. Where they promote creativity and imagination in reflection to our seasons whilst using quality and sustainable materials/ products such as felt, cotton and wool materials, beeswax crayons, & plant-based stockmar watercolour paints.

In doing so they develop their fine motor skills, concentration, imagination and an appreciation for their life long artistic creations which they can take home and treasure.

Exploring our Community 

Nature Walks/ Nature Treasure Hunts:
Even though our FDC is located in a very small town, we have the opportunity to enjoy taking the children for walks down to the local park and creek to discover different kinds of wildlife, plants and flowers. All whilst promoting physical activity in the outdoors, it promotes the children to explore their present world surroundings.

With their new discoveries children can use some of the natural, open-ended materials to problem solve, design, create and story tell with whatever their imagination desires.

Family Festivals

Hosting of seasonal family festivals provides a sense of community and belonging.

As our own little community we love to share home cooked meals whilst we showcase and celebrate what the children have been learning, whether it be through craft activities with your children, or songs the children have been learning etc.

Details for Growing Tree Family Day Care at Mooball, NSW (between Ocean Shores & Murwillumbah)

  • Opening hours and days: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM Monday to Friday
  • Enrolling children from: 12 months – 5 years
  • Fees per child per hour: Please ask Educator for their Statement of Fees (on the C4 contract)
  • Minimum hours: 9 Hours
  • CCS Childcare Subsidy approved
  • A maximum of four children under school age each day
  • Vacation Care available
  • Please call 0411 33 5475