Become a Family Day Care Educator

Do you:

  • have a passion for working with children?
  • hold a minimum of a Certificate 3 in Children’s Services, or are happy to enrol and complete the course within 12 months?
  • have, or are willing to gain, approved certification in First Aid, CPR, and Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management Training?
  • have a willingness to go Above and Beyond the norm when it comes to your work and career?
  • have a positive attitude towards documentation and paperwork requirements? (It’s a moderate amount, but this work is a lawful required part of your daily tasks)
  • have an interest in whole foods, healthy living, and see the world with open eyes?
  • want to work somewhere where ‘meaningful experiences’ are a normal everyday part of life?
  • want to spend lots of time creating, painting, crafting, drawing, cooking, baking, gardening, singing, storytelling, making movement circles, laughing and gently but firmly caring for little ones?
  • have a love of organisation, and love it when ‘everything has a place, a place for everything?
  • live in QLD or NSW?
  • have the ability to use your home or a nearby ‘venue’ as your approved workplace? (Applying to use a venue for FDC is now a challenging task, so a home or home-like space is ideal. Please ask for more details.)

If you answered YES to these questions, you are in the right place. Read on.


Key Themes supported by Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Educators

  • Educators value Sustainability, Nature, Seasonal Changes, and caring for ‘Mother Earth’
  • Educators are ethical, honest, and act with integrity
  • Educators are connected and “conscious”
  • Educators offer Curriculums that are Rhythmical in nature – Educators and children are supported by daily, weekly, seasonal and celebratory rhythms (We’ll teach you how to do this)
  • Educators are inspired to deliver Creative Education  (We guide and support you with all this too! It’s the fun part.)
  • Educators offer meaningful storytelling, songs, and circle times
  • Curriculums are earth-friendly, and include nature-based programs
  • Children participate in Real Life activities every day. Real-life tasks are meaningful, and thoughtful.
  • The daily work of life, such as cooking, crafting, baking, cleaning, polishing, washing, gardening, drying, organising, and sorting, is the backbone of our educator’s programs, giving children a role model for imitative play, as well as an opportunity to join in, develop self-regulation, and independence.
  • Educators offer Whole Food cooking experiences. Our educators strive to ensure they use ingredients that are healthy and health promoting. (Eg organic, from the farmer’s market, whole-food as close to its natural state as possible). Some of them provide full menus.
  • Does your child eat a raw, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, sugar-free, or wheat-free diet? Our educators work with families to support each child’s individual needs.
  • Our educators also enjoy happy mindful mealtimes WITH children (and model healthy relationships with food through imitation)
  • Educator homes are filled with handmade toys, toys made from natural materials (recycled plastics, timber, cotton, sustainable fabrics), and toys with a history. Plastic toys are limited where possible.
  • Imaginative play (with loose parts) is a focus of your programming. (Educators use storytelling, singing, circle times, direct instruction, and the Principle of Imitation to help children build and develop their creative inner forces for play so you no longer have to be an ‘entertainment director’)
  • Educators promote gardening experiences, composting, worm farms, growing food, and experiencing all the parts of “Paddock to Plate”
  • “Learning’ occurs throughout ALL activities, tasks and activities initiated by the educator but predominantly, through the children’s play and spontaneous activities that arise from this
  • Maths, science, language, nutrition, and art are equally valued.
  • Human relationships between educator and child is key. There are NO televisions used to ‘entertain’ your children at any time, nor screens to get in the way of a genuine relationship and connection with each child.
  • Educators abide by our guideline: No “Craptivities” – time wasting activities that have no purpose eg ‘junk into junk’ art experiences such as painting toilet rolls
  • Educators offer quality art and craft experiences, often with a long-range focus or ‘real-life’ use (eg painting and sewing a pillow for resting time)
  • “Truth, Beauty, Goodness” is your foundation stone
  • Community values, and personal growth, are two of your professional and personal goals for your chosen career
  • Educators offer Seasonal Festivals and Community Gatherings four times a year, supported by service staff
  • Sacred rest is important.
  • Happy and healthy, trusting relationships with the children in your groups is your number one goal.


What Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Service Does for You

  • CCS (childcare subsidy) approved. This is a key ingredient for securing families to fill your vacancies.
  • The ability to charge what you believe you are worth, within our schedule of fees ($10.05 – $16.00 per child per hour) as a result of the commitment you have to training and working as a holistic educator.
  • We help you source training (mandatory training such as CPR, first aid, child protection etc)
  • We provide Seasonal Planning & Craft Days, four times per year. These Sundays are a source of inspiration, sharing, resource making, crafting, eating and fun!
  • We provide our RBFDC signature “Foundation Training” modules FREE to you, to guide you in holistic education and what that means on a practical level (10 sessions)
  • We provide our signature CREATIVE BOOSTER workshops (weekend dates, as required)
  • LOTS and LOTS of support with planning, documenting and critically evaluating your curriculum and program in line with the EYLF/NQS/QIP
  • Fortnightly or once-per-three-weeks visits with a Field Coordinator, dependent on your skill, confidence and experience, for mentorship, monitoring, and support
  • Access to Phone Support with a Rainbow Bridge Director or Field Coordinator at all times
  • CCS processing on your behalf
  • We take care of all family payments on your behalf, and make payments to you weekly! You never have to chase late fees or non-payers again. Focus your skills and abilities on the children’s learning and development, as you want to.
  • We take you through a comprehensive induction process, help you with Set Up support, provide you with a Professional Folder and Personalised Educator Planner, and are there with you every step of the way as you make your home ready
  • Family referrals where possible


Meaningful and Well-Paid work as an Early Childhood Educator

If you are looking to make your vocation your vacation, AND want MEANINGFUL, fulfilling work in the Early Childhood Sector, with a focus on self development, personal growth, connections with a creative ‘tribe’ of colleagues, and the ability to “fire up your creative spark!”, please read all the information in this section and then call Victoria on 0448 996 630 to arrange a home-based interview.


Sound like something you’d like to know more about?

Or email us for more information.

We will send you a copy of the Fit and Proper Service Membership Application Form, our Training Calendar,  the Residence or Venue Assessment Form so you can start assessing your home’s suitability, and our Educator Handbook.


More questions?

Victoria is ready to take your call today on 0448 996 630

What is the role of a Family Day Care Educator

At Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care, we can only speak for our educators. Different services require different things but across the board, the two important things to be aware of are:

  1. the health and safety of young children in your care.
  2. how YOUR curriculum and program provides for children’s learning.

We believe the best way to answer this question is to expand upon the Key Themes above, and give you an overview of what is expected of a Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care educator and we do this by showcasing a typical day and what it might look like in your service. More information can also be found in our Educator Handbook.

The child’s day in your service

  • All our Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care educators support and provide a Daily ‘Rhythm’, made up of ‘breathing in’ (focused activities such as bread making, or cooking, or painting) followed by a period of ‘outbreathing’ (imaginative play, outdoor play etc), and a Weekly Rhythm.  (“Rhythm” is ONE of the Foundation Training Modules we offer. It’s something you learn along the way with our support.)
  • A copy of your daily and weekly rhythms must be on display in your home. (We create these during induction)
  • Mealtimes form part of this rhythmical picture of the day. Mealtimes are valued as a sacred and necessary time of community and replenishment, and as an educator, it is necessary that you eat WITH the children as a role model for imitation.

Seasonal Planning

  • All of educators work to a 12-week seasonal plan, with opportunities to be in, and give thanks to, the natural world. This planning is super flexible and you retain complete control of your program and curriculum. Our goal is to support you with organisation and forward planning so you are prepared and have everything you require for the children and activities at the start of each week.
  • Educators and children work together on a journey towards the “culmination” of each term, a seasonal sharing festival with families and friends. (Educators chose when this will be, so some educators conduct their festival at the midway point of the season while others like to place it at the end of a season. It is totally up to you!)
  • Seasonal activities, songs, crafts, games etc may likely feature heavily in the program. These must be real and natural, not contrived.
  • It’s vital to remember that your curriculum and program plans must always be open to spontaneous moments in the day, so that they are ‘reflective’ and ‘responsive’ to what is happening each day, each moment.
  • Evaluating, observing, and (critically) reflecting upon our planning, and the teachings and “unfoldings” of the day are crucial steps in the programming cycle, and a necessary component of the National Quality Standards. (NQS) and Early Years Learning Framework, (EYLF) that we practice.
  • To help our educators with seasonal planning ideas, we offer a Seasonal Planning and Craft Day once per season, along with 10 Foundation Training Workshops. Attendance at these is not mandatory but our educators LOVE them! Sharing ideas with other team members only makes what you do better (and more fun!)

Content of your Day

  • At Rainbow Bridge, imaginative play is the focus of our day.  In play, children learn and figure out the world.  We support ‘loose parts’ play, where children are encouraged to take bits and bobs (ie: seashells, blocks, wooden curtain rings, smooth rocks, peg doll forms, wooden pegs, plain coloured cloths, etc) they find in the room or in the outdoor space, and ‘create their world anew’, rather than be confined to one-sided toys, or games.
  • We encourage our educators to have a large portion of our toys that are handmade, are primarily of natural materials such as timber, wool, cotton, or sustainable (eg recycled plastic trucks and teasets from companies like Green Toys) , locally sourced where possible, ethically made, or toys that support micro-business such as Nepalese felt products. (Training will expand upon why we do this.  Going green or handmade can be a gradual process.)
  • Our role as educators is to provide guidance, and a ‘mantle’ of protection that allows the child the space to develop these new skills, abilities, and imagination forces though both imaginative play, intentional teaching and responses to spontaneous events.  We work strongly out of ‘the Principle of Imitation’ and believe that we, as educators, must strive to be conscious and mindful about the ways in which we move, interact, respond, question, teach, and care for the children.  Our guiding principles are ‘truth, beauty, and goodness’.
  • Of course, spontaneous joyful learning that arises out of random events and happenings makes up a huge part of your day too.
  • A daily session of (oral) storytelling, a circle time of songs and games, and creative fun ways to transition between activity and activity form another layer of the daily rhythm. Children rely upon these regular ‘touchstones’ and are gently guided to the next ‘thing’ as they learn to follow the cues, songs and gestures. We will support you in learning how to do offer this style of intentional teaching with new songs, games and story ideas, and hope to inspire you to make up your own as you become confident in your role.
  • Children will also be heavily involved in real-life home-tasks such as cooking, baking, cleaning, and mending as part of their weekly rhythm.
  • Crafts and artistic activities too, are a focus and many (most?) of these on offer will have direct links to the season in which they are being offered. Activities will also be heavily connected to the seasons, and may include gardening, paddock to plate preparation, and music.
  • What you offer as an educator must be real and not just a time-filler. The key guideline for what you choose to bring to the children in your care is ‘truthful, beautiful and good.’ Eco-friendly and sustainable are two other broad goals.

Rest is vital for brain development

  • A resting time needs to occur once a day (educators are mindful that babies have their own schedules and follow their rhythms as necessary too) and children are invited to give their bodies a little ‘break’ from working. Resting, but not necessarily sleeping, is integral to each group as it allows little ones to also take a time out from one another, and from over-activity. Resting is a breathing out period which prepares us for the next fun breathing in activity.
  • Educators may also use this time to focus on, and artistically present, the children’s learning journals. These Learning Storytelling Journals form part of our observations throughout the year, and are part of the end-of-year gift to families.

Media and Screen-time

  • It is important to note that using media (eg screen time, watching TV programs such as Peppa Pig or Playschool ) as a babysitting tool or activity is not an option at Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care.
  • Our focus is human relationships, and our service believes that parents deserve the best human one-to-one care that the educator can give, not to have their children propped up in front of a box when fees for care are being paid. We will provide you with plenty of resources and ideas to help you find ways to overcome challenging moments.
  • We also believe that parents, rather than educators, need to be in charge of children’s screen time habits, play a guardianship role, and set the limits over what is ok and what is not ok when it comes to viewing habits, games, and social media.
  • If parents want their children to access screen time at some point during the day or weekend at home, they can do so at home.
  • Please note: the use of an ipad or iphone to help you document children’s learning (eg take a short video clip of a child in play, record a song, play a quick 2 minute you-tube video when there is no other option) is perfectly ok.

Rest assured, when you become an educator with Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Pty Ltd, you will be supported with practical knowledge and skills to plan, prepare, and successfully run your day and your business.


There’s so, so, so much more!  

We are more than happy for potential educators to join us for a Foundation Training workshop so you can meet current educators, and experience the difference for yourself.

Please call our Educational Leader Amber on 0422 630320 to request an invitation.

Or attend one of our information sessions for potential educators. There is always time for questions too. Call the office on 0488 369139 for upcoming dates.

Requirements to start a Family Day Care

While this list can look overwhelming at first, rest assured that our team will support you and be by your side for every step of the way.  The registration process takes 4- 6 weeks generally but can be fast-tracked or slow-tracked, depending on your needs. We are here to help you.  Call us on 0488 369 139 to discuss any concerns or queries you may have.


Establishment Costs: These are things that must be in place before registration can be granted

  • Registration with RBFDC $200
  • Ongoing yearly registration fee $200 (This yearly admin fee is collected annually upon the date of your initial registration.)
  • 3-yearly First Aid Certificate including Anaphylaxis & Emergency Asthma Management Training
  • Yearly CPR training
  • Medical clearance if necessary
  • Police check – fraud  $45 approx
  • Cost of professional training qualifications as required (Minimum Cert III in Children’s Services)
  • Your own Public liability insurance $600 per year approx.  (Some organisations offer a 3 month intro for $200 approx to help you budget your start up costs)
  • Business registration ABN  etc $100 approx
  • Logo creation (optional) for website, facebook page, PR, marketing etc
  • Fire safety equipment (blanket, extinguisher, smoke detectors). Equipment to be checked professionally every six months.
  • Working with children check application (NSW) or Blue card (QLD). Fee applicable. ($100 approximately)
  • Adaptations/modifications to your home residence or venue as necessary to meet regulatory requirements eg glass safety, fencing, softfall under playground equipment etc to meet Kidsafe guidelines.  Cost varies from residence to residence. Regulations state glass must be “glazed”  below 1000 mm.
  • Pool compliance safety certificate annually – approx. $150 (if applicable)
  • Business/office equipment and supplies
  • Basic equipment set up (indoor and outdoor toys) – Eco friendly, wooden, recycled, handmade, sustainable. You can build your resources as you go. Op shops and FB marketplace are good places to start.
  • Sleep mats and/or cots/portacots (meeting Australian standards).  Try Ikea.
  • Vehicle safety check, carseat restraint/ seat check (for playgroup attendance or school drop offs etc)
  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle insurance – business rate (if applicable eg using car on excursions, outings, pick ups from school)
  • Stationery – USB sticks, child folio folders, journal books or visual art diaries for documentation (Big W or Kmart supply for $5 approx), colour printing ink, paper, a working printer, coloured pencils, pens, chalk etc
  • Educator portal with Hubworks software system (approx $300-400 p.a – for digital sign in)
  • Lockable filing cabinet (may be secondhand)
  • Child proof locks, cupboard handle covers, plug covers, door jams, etc – $50 approx
  • Resources and publications, early childhood membership with particular organisations etc (after registration- optional)
  • Nappy change table if required
  • Plastic buckets and bins for soiled items
  • Eco cleaning products, cleaning tools
  • Furniture and equipment to furnish your Family Day Care (sign-in desk, storage locker/facility for bags, fridge, child size chairs and tables, shelving, craft storage)


Educators must complete these within 6 months of start date if necessary

  • Child protection training (& updates as required by law)
  • Food safety certificate (if providing a menu, this must be completed before menu provision can start)



  • Must meet Australian standards for cots/car seats etc
  • Equipment Suggestion List will be provided to all educators upon registration.


Mandatory Training

  • First aid, anaphylaxis, asthma (must remain current)
  • CPR every 12 months (must remain current)
  • Child Protection training (as required by law when legislation changes)
  • Food safety certificate (as required by law when legislation changes)

NB: Failure to ensure you meet mandatory training standards may result in a suspension of your registration with RBFDC.


Non Mandatory Training

  • Attendance at our RBFDC 10 x 2.5 hour Foundation Training sessions on Big-Hearted Care for children to be completed within your first 18 months registration.
  • Foundation Training is offered on Friday nights in your city or town, or within a reasonable travelling distance. Educators find these in-person meet ups to be extremely valuable and practical but we understand that not all educators can organise babysitters or time out from families to attend. If you are unable to attend in person, we ask that you complete the workbook exercises instead.
  • Seasonal Planning & Craft Day – Four Sundays per year. (Attendance voluntary BUT these days each season are our educator’s FAVOURITE thing!)
  • We schedule a number of other opportunities, including Creative Boosters Advanced Sessions, to create, have fun, plan, and build friendships with other educators. Pick and choose. (Attendance voluntary)


Income Potential – What you can earn

  • When you start Family Day Care, you own your own business with an opportunity to earn a solid income. If you feel limited by your current income limits, and want the opportunity to earn more money while delivering excellence in care to young children, Family Day Care is the perfect option.
  • While start up costs are required, these are quickly recouped as your group fills.
  • The freedom to be in charge of your hours and days, and the flexibility offered by Family Day Care is significant too.
  • You set your hourly fee within our schedule range. We are happy to help guide you in the right direction with this if necessary.
  • The fee you charge is an hourly rate inclusive of the educator levy you pay to the service. The fee must be equitable and meet the local market. Your fee will be based on your experience, qualifications, program and curriculum you offer, your availability, the uniqueness of your home or venue, any special considerations, and ages of children you care for etc. (You may set a higher rate for babies up to 12  months as they require more intensive care and support.)
  • You can also set a ‘minimum hours’ rate (for example, every parent pays a minimum of 7 hours regardless of their actual use.) Across the board, your families Schedules of Care must be similar to or exceed your minimum hours. If not, you may need to adjust your minimum hours or only accept families who require the longer hours.
  • Our sliding schedule of fees at Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care is between $10.05 and $16.00 an hour total at January 1st 2018. Your hourly rate must fit within this framework.
  • The educator levy is $1.75 per child per hour from January 1st 2016.
  • The educator levy is Rainbow Bridge’s only source of income to provide regulatory requirements for educators. This levy is used to cover the service’s administration fees, insurances, computer and hardware, software licences, wages for field coordinators, training costs, materials, food for workshops, transport etc.
  • This levy includes the cost of our service managing all your parent fees on your behalf. We are committed to paying you each fortnight automatically, removing your need to collect any fees direct from parents or follow up late fees. (Our current educators concur that this service is worth the educator levy alone as it saves so much time, energy and effort, as well as lets you concentrate on the job of teaching children.)
  • The educator levy must be included within your total fee. For example, to take home $10 per hour gross, your fee will need to be $11.75 per hour to include the educator levy of $1.75 per child per hour.
  • You hand in fortnightly attendance sheets and when processed, are given the Childcare Subsidy (CCS) portion on the Friday of the submission week, assuming the CCS has reached Rainbow Bridge FDC accounts on time.
  • Parent invoices are processed on the day after they are sent out. Parent payments are paid to you the alternate Friday.  (eg CCS one week, parent portion the other).
  • RBFDC deducts educator levy before income payment is made to educators.
  • Educators will be invoiced for any other charges (eg stationery, annual registration, craft supplies etc).  These invoices are payable to the service within 7 days
  • You are responsible for own tax and superannuation.  We are happy to help you find a suitable tax agent who understands family day care requirements.

Please note: Educators are able to increase their fees once a year on the 1st day of January in line with CPI.


Other Fees and Charges

  • All parents pay enrolment/registration fee of $60 per year to the service. We waive this fee for the first year if your current families are coming with you as part of a transfer from another service.
  • Educator registration fee is $200 per year payable on your yearly sign-up anniversary. Registration fees help to fund ongoing training.
  • You may also ask for a food levy from the families once per term to help you cover the cost of ‘whole food’ ingredients (eg bulk spelt flour, coconut oil etc). See the Educator Handbook for details.


Service Hours and Field Visits

  • Our service hours are 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Our service remains open throughout the year, with the exception of the Christmas holiday period where we shut down the service from 25th December to 1st January, reopening on the 2nd January. We are also closed over Easter from Good Friday to Easter Monday.
  • You choose your opening hours within this framework.  Work as much or as little as you choose. We suggest a minimum of 7 hours a day if you wish to fill your places quickly. Most families need a minimum of 7 -8 hours of care, and may be forced to seek care elsewhere if you are not able to help.
  • We are also looking into our ability to allow you to offer care outside normal hours, at nights and on weekends should you want to provide it.


Field coordinator visits

  • Field coordinators visit new educators each week for the first 4 weeks, then fortnightly or once every three weeks, ongoing. The frequency of the visiting schedule is dependent upon a number of factors including experience, length of time in the role, support needs, documentation needs, and child support.
  • RBFDC reviews all educator registrations informally at 3 months, again at 9-12  months, and then annually.  A complete educator review, and home safety check at the residence/venue, is held once a year on the anniversary of registration.


Commitments of RBFDC Educators

  • Keeping mandatory training up to date. If your qualifications become invalid, your business must cease until your qualifications are updated.
  • You will commit to 10 x 2.5 hourly ‘foundation modules’ training with us to retain service membership. This must be completed within first 18 months. It is a once only commitment.
  • You will attend at least 3 out of 4 Seasonal Planning & Craft Days. These are vital opportunities to meet with, share resources, and engage with fellow educators. This is also our opportunity to provide detailed instruction on particular topics such as documentation, or child safety, and nourish you with good company, good food, laughs and yummy treats!
  • You must complete an induction with us before commencing care.  (3 x 2.5 hour sessions)
  • You must ensure that your planning, programming and evaluating meets RBFDC standards and is completed in full as required. You can use our templates, and Educator Planner. Or you may prefer to document in your own style. We are flexible and open as long as the required information is displayed and documented. It is a mandatory requirement that we observe and monitor your planning and evaluating on a regular basis.
  • You must commit to hosting some form of family festival once a season
  • You must have a Cert III in Children’s services, or commit to enrolling in and completing a course within 12 months.

If these commitments seem beyond what you are happy to commit to the role, then Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Pty Ltd might not be the best fit for your business.


Are you an Exceptional Educator looking to make a difference in children’s lives?

If you ARE looking to be an exceptional educator, with all the creative support and training of a Big Hearted team, you have found the right place!

Please call Victoria on 0488369139 to start your new journey!